5 Creative Products (4.27.14)

1. Modular Jacket

The question these designers asked was, “Can the same jacket be a different for everyone?” This is really powerful because if more designers thought that way, we could begin radically simplifying our lives. Also, I admire the level of inquisitiveness it must have taken to look at a jacket and wonder what could be done about it, seeing as a jacket is a seemingly simple, established object.

2. TinkerBots

This product combines the age-old concept of building blocks with the brand new technology of wireless electronics. In essence, these designers created a better building block, or at least one with infinitely more capabilities. I would be interested to see where this product could be implemented in a more real-world setting aside from the child’s play setting for which it was made.

3. CNC Whiskey on the Rocks

Though this is not necessarily a product, I found the unique application of the CNC process to be quite creative. Also, I found the exploration of material (i.e. ice) to be equally creative and exciting. I never would have experimented with ice and a laser, but I’m awfully glad these designers did. The outcome is novel, intriguing, and pleasurable. It sure would be fun to have in a glass, too!

4. Spritz

This software is so interesting to me. It begs so many questions. Will the world prefer this type of reading? How did they discover that the red letter method was more efficient? Would this be implemented in companies so that employees would waste less company time and therefore be more efficient while on paid time? Are there any negative cognitive effects that this software could have on the human brain?

5. Eco Tourism Cabin

The concept is perhaps the most creative aspect of this cabin. The idea is to have a small getaway that can be placed on any site and removed without any land disruption. In addition, the cabin offers add-on parts for more space if, say, the visitor would be staying for an extended period of time. The cabin also has four metal legs which are the only contact points between the cabin and the ground, making it suitable for rugged terrains if desired.


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