5 Creative Products (4.20.14)

1. Star Wars with Staples

The material choice is the novel aspect of this design. I came to the realization that the designers took 3-dimensional objects and created a virtually 2-dimensional work of art. Also, the additive use of metal is something that is not normally seen, which makes this series intriguing.

2. Grillo Portable

This product seems simultaneously affordable and high-quality by the designers material choice and basic shape. The grill takes the form of a fold up lawn chair and an umbrella, both of which are readily available household items. The form also proposes a more exciting way of doing a normally mundane task. It also adds flair and accessibility to the previously bulky metal grills.

3. Simple Desk

I will be outright and say that I absolutely love this desk. This object goes to prove once and for all that all of the “things” we produce do not need to be overridden with gadgets and gizmos. Simplicity lends itself to the utmost functionality, if properly achieved. One material, simple cuts, a few hardware additions, and that’s it. Beautiful.

4. Beautiful School Furniture

I think I enjoy this line of products simply because I am, to this day, disgusted by much of the cheap school furniture I encounter so often. The furniture proposed in this product line is unobtrusive and maintains the same qualities that we “require” from our school furniture (stackability, mobility, functionality, ease of manufacturing, low cost, etc).

5. Simpler Faucet

The designers dematerialized the standard faucet and finally revealed the beautiful process that all faucets hide. Here, the designers revealed the pressurized water and allow us, the consumer, to witness the poetic process of watching the water breach the barrier and spill out into the sink. This product resembles a water spout, perhaps from a spring, well up out of the ground and spilling over abundantly.


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