5 Creative Products (4.13.14)

1. Magnetic Bike Hubs

This product/idea is an example of a way that creativity can be instituted in areas other than aesthetic design. Creativity can be implemented in engineering and mechanical problem solving. This concept proves that creativity can be achieved by simply looking at a problem from a different perspective and applying a dissimilar concept to the problem at hand.

2. Solar-Powered Parasol

The designers of this product described their inspiration by saying that they did not want to create a piece that simply inhabited its environment, but one that reacted to what was happening around it. Though I struggle to accept the form as the pinnacle of what they could achieve, the technology and intent behind the design is certainly interesting and, in my opinion, should be applied more often.

3. School Lunch Case Study

I love that creative problem-solving methods are spilling into previously unchartered territories. In this case study, a group of designers are practicing empathy in order to better relate to the students and faculty they are designing a solution for. This is also worth a read because they break down the ways they applied their creativity and how those methods can be universally applied.

4. Modular, Shaped Shelving

Negative space. Oh yeah. This shelving unit can stand alone comfortably, and I think that is a challenge for all product designers: design something that needs not be put to use to be beautiful. Even when the purpose of this shelving unit is not fulfilled, it is interesting, intriguing, and aesthetically pleasing. Aside from that, though, it is modular…which is every nomad’s dream.

5. Latthammer

Again, an example of empathetic design that addresses a real issue. The hammer, which has nearly kept its original design for hundreds of years, was perhaps not in need of improvement. However, these designers found a way to refine the hammer in order to make it more user friendly (for a niche market of users). What they came up with is quite brilliant.


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