5 Creative Products (4.6.14)

1. Dome Home

Built in 6 weeks with only $9,000, this home is one for the books (whoops, I used a cliché on a creativity blog…). The bulbous, playful shape paired with the vibrant colors, curvilinear rooms, and a multitude of window space, this house stands out as a creative piece of art. The unity of the interior finishes and the exterior landscaping complement the house itself well, giving a sense of unification and continuity to the whole plot.

2. Renovation with Concrete Pipes

This piece is creative in the way that the architects thought to use concrete pipes for a use unrelated to their intended purpose. Through repetition we are able to see a certain beauty about them that goes unnoticed when they are shoved underground. Regardless, these tubes create the perfect space for a window seat and a book, and appear to offer a certain warm, encompassing feeling to the inhabitant.

3. Nomadic Radiator

This is just fun. The bulbous form makes this nomadic, mobile radiator seem almost like a warm house pet. It’s about time to stray from those ugly, industrial, immovable radiators. This product feels almost interactive and invites you to grasp the wooden handle, spin the radiator around, and set it up right next to your cozy bed.

4. Surfboards & Marine Animals

I love the poetry in this collection. The designer unifies man and animal in the way he links the form of the marine animals and the human body. While simplifying the shapes of these marine animals, who gracefully pass through the water, he is considering the shape of the man aboard these surfboards whose purpose is to travel smoothly through the water. The linkage of purposes appears to be a previously unnoticed connection.

5. Balloon Chair

Balance, balance, balance. And a little bit of magic, it appears! The delicate balance of color and form is contested only by the levitating chair attached to the beautiful bouquet of balloons. The curves of the chair mirror the curves of the balloons that uphold it, which gives the piece an interesting, almost paradoxical unity. Usually, the feet of the chair uphold the seating unit and, traditionally, tend to be far more geometric than the actually seating area/cushion.


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