5 Creative Products (3.31.14)

1. PullClean

This product shows real consideration for the lifestyle of doctors. The combination of steps that were previously contradictory (sanitizing hand, then opening door handle) into one cohesive and logical movement is quite genius. The aesthetic of the piece reflect a soft sterility that is nearly inviting, due to its blue teardrop accent that explains the presence of something else within the door handle.

2. Superbambi Chair

Holy cow, what a nice design. First off, it is highly functional and transforms the way we look at a simple chair. Second, the connections within this piece are just dreamy. Its adaptability is desirable, the colors clearly indicate a change or diversion from the whole, and each form within the form was given great consideration. Love this.

3. Ta Te Ti

Again, a beautiful reconsideration for traditional furniture design. This design allows facilitates far more interaction and rids us of the passivity we feel towards most furniture, especially benches. The design is balanced, simple, and inviting.

4. Flower Petal Sony Ad

As designers, we’re always stressing the importance of material choice. I find it interesting that in this Sony ad, the photographer also stressed that same importance. In order to show off the high definition of the product while also creating an interesting marketing campaign, the photographer decided to have thousands of flower petals exploded into the air. Interesting take on photographing seemingly boring images otherwise!

5. The Bottled Walkman

Wow. First of all, great product for such a niche market. A waterproof, wireless walkman with internal memory. What is even more impressive, though, is their marketing campaign. Want people to think your product is waterproof? I mean, really waterproof? Sell it in a bottle of water! Better yet, sell it where they’ll always see it but never expect to…a vending machine! Mind blown.


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