5 Creative Products (3.24.14)

1. 3D Knitted Fabric

This product is unique because it joins two different worlds by utilizing a previously untouched process in the fabric industry. Though fabrics are considered 3-dimensional in nature, we often view them as 2-dimensional prints. By using 3D printing, these designers have opened the door to, potentially, a whole new sect of fabric design.

2. Laser Engraved Skateboard Decks

To this product I just have to say, “Finally.” Skateboarders are far past the color-popped graphics that tainted the underside of the beautifully crafted wooden decks. These designers realized the material had a lot more to offer and decided to display that beauty through laser engraving. Brilliant.

3. Korean Bent Walnut Furniture

The rhythm and flow of this product is what really catches the observers eye. The graceful lines capture the viewer’s attention and lead our eyes all around the product. The most impressive aspect of this design is the way functionality, art, and material work together. The product functions well as a seating unit, looks almost sculptural at first glance, and is made completely of bent walnut strips which defy the norm to create an aesthetically appealing installation.

4. Basalt Benches

The goal many designers have in mind when beginning a project is to design a product that defies the norm. If I could give an award for just that, this designer would have it in a minute. Gone are the days of coated metal benches. No longer to benches have to pollute the area they inhabit. Perhaps, one day, all benches could possess this same rugged yet refined sculptural balance and functional form.

5. Lumio Light

This designer must have thought, “Lanterns are pretty hard to stuff in your backpack” and gone forth from that. Through repeated page-like forms, this designer produced a “light book” that unfurls to create a pod shape that nearly mimics the bulb shape we are all familiar with. The really interesting thing about this product is its flexibility of form. The shape is somewhat deceptive, but this light can unfold completely, lay flat, press into a corner, etc. to change both its appearance and the user’s experience.


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