Creative Products (3.9.14)

1. Primeknit

With this product, I appreciate the consideration for the process and the simplification of that process that Adidas sought to achieve. The combination of, basically, a tall sock, and the traditional football cleat makes for a one-of-a-kind fitted football boot. It’s a wonder this was never invented before.

2. Dyed Fish

This concept is astounding in that, like most carefully designed things, it allows us to gain an alternative perspective or insight that we would not have had otherwise. The dye reveals the beauty, intricacy, and often symmetry of living organisms. The idea is quite novel and perhaps even useful because it could allow for simpler observation of the internal makeup.

3. XchangE

This design advances the futuristic notion that we may someday have autonomous cars. The design gives surprising consideration to the details of human comfort and satisfaction, including swiveling chairs with a reclined position for relaxing and watching the televisions that are placed in the interior of the car. Though the technology is not quite there yet, the design proposes a sleek, futuristic car that would be quite desirable in reality.

4. Inhabit Hamster Wheel

This architectural installation gives a brand new meaning to the phrase “the daily cycle.” The balance and symmetry of the implied spaces works to create a fun and functional component to this oversized hamster wheel. It really makes me wonder if there is a functional future in this kind of living style.

5. Nomadic Interiors

The combination of wood and beige cloth effectively communicates the nomadic mindset that these designs sprung out of. The designs are functional and considerate of human factors while also being cozy, inviting, and stylistic. Their simplicity matches the minimalist theme found in a nomadic lifestyle.


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