Monthly Archives: January 2014

1. Folded Paper Sculpture

This piece is exceptional because it resembles opposition in many different ways. First, the flimsy, thin property of paper is masked by the structure’s seemingly sturdy, rigid form. The structure is quite curvilinear, which is virtually the opposite of the normal geometric shape of paper. The fluidity and suggestion of flow is what makes this piece interesting.

2. Armadillos

I love this concept because it is environmentally friendly in more than one way. A big fear for cyclists is being hit by cars while commuting. Another concern of theirs is receiving adequate respect out on the roads. Bicycling is such a great option for commuting, but it is often overshadowed because the roads are tailored to cars. This is a recycled solution to the problem cyclists face.

3. Nuno Chair

The consideration for ergonomics is what caught my attention in this design. I admired that the designer created a swooped design, more like a canopy, that could form to different body types and seating preferences. I was also intrigued by the way she was able to make the design collapsible with one hand motion.

4. Useful Living Furniture

The designer of this series of furniture pieces did so after reflecting upon his nomadic lifestyle. The pieces reflect adaptability in a modern and polished way. Each piece appears delicate and almost unfinished, as if it is just waiting to be packed up again. However, the designs are refined and minimalistic in a poetic way.

5. Jun Igarashi Architects

This house , with its timber and white-walled interior, hides its interior elegance behind a somewhat plain facade. The exterior hides an exciting playground of an interior, with curving staircases and open spaces. The raw timber coupled with the openness and lofted design allows for a space that begs to be explored.


1. How Computers Watch Movies

This concept is inherently novel, as it brings to light a perspective we may never have thought of. In addition, the artist here is personifying an object that we consumers already feel quite close to but can never empathize with. By watching scenes from “the computer’s point of view” we see both abstract, mystifying images and we are able to transcend into the mind of a technological device.

2. AidPod

The creativity in Coca Cola’s product AidPod is found in the clever use of space. Rather than trying to recreate an emergency vessel that would fit these same needs, they simply acted on what they know: soda. By challenging their knowledge and re-imagining the space available, they were able to design a product that just makes sense and is effective too.

3. Floating Wall Desk

This desk is a minimalist’s dream come true. The complement of the curved desktop with the linear pull out tray displays the same delicate balance that the desk and the wall portray. The design is initially delightful before becoming demandingly interesting and thought-provoking.

4. Glass Studio

This light-filled studio sits sturdily into the rock off of the side of a beautiful lake in Canada. However, the simple design of this glass space appears to float delicately in the air, not anchored to the rock nor drifting on the lake. The interior space only complements this glass-and-frame exterior. The openness and minimalism of the interior serves as an enhancement of the overall emotion that this space evokes. The studio draws attention away from it, to the nature and light that it is playfully surrounded by, and by doing so the space manages to manifest itself and the design displayed there.

5. LiquiGlide

This product exhibits the well-known mantra that creativity takes place in all facets of life and design. In this instance, the innovation of the product and the research that went into discovering/creating it are what should be praised. The designers took a very minuscule problem in society and production and found a way to solve it, while also meeting a producer and consumer’s desire.

1. Cocoon Emergency Shelter

The usefulness of this design may not measure up to the creativity that was put into it but it is nonetheless a noteworthy product. The combination of the protective function and natural form of a cocoon with the practical use of momentary emergency shelter is what makes this design successful.

2. Honey Bees Trained to Detect Cancer

The medical world has been yearning for an easier way to detect cancer since cancer first began. This product strictly follows the definition of creativity, that is, the linkage between two unrelated ideas to create a useful and novel product. Not only does this product meet a real need, but it does so while displaying delicate design consideration.

3. Flatpack Shelter

Again, this product exhibits a fine combination of usefulness and cleverness. This design tackles an issue that has faced the world for centuries now, and this product exhibits an innovative way to solve this emergency housing dilemma.

4. Plumen: The Designer Low Energy Lightbulb

The simplicity this product displays is quite appealing. Aesthetically it appears modern, yet the rudimentary system of dangling a single lightbulb from a cord is old fashion in practice. The combination of the two, coupled with the bonus of its low energy nature, makes this a creative product worth purchasing.

5. One Wheel

Inspired by the idea of one day riding a hovercraft, the designers of this self balancing skateboard practically achieved just that. The application of smartphone technology is what makes this design so creative and so unique. The overall aesthetic appeal is not as polished as a designer might hope, but the seamless interaction between human and product motion allows that flaw to be overlooked.